2022 Sun-Note ☀️

Welcome to our First EVER Sun-Note. Our Suncoast Sun-Note is an email that is sent out to our customers to inform our families about the new exciting updates coming to Suncoast that is incredibly important for our families to know! Please find below our latest Sun-Note and the exciting new features we are bringing to Suncoast Gymnastics.

THANK YOU so much for being apart of our Suncoast Family. We will continue to drive change and innovation to our program in order to be sure we are providing the quality service and best gymnastics program that we can possibly offer to our customers! A huge thank you to our Janitorial staff for keeping our facility clean for our customers every day. Over the last few months I have communicated with many of our Suncoast families from multiple programs and it is amazing to watch athletes start in our Kicking Kangaroo Classes with Coach Kari to one-day become a competitive gymnast with Coach Sarah, Alexis, and Heather. Our competitive program had an INCREDIBLE SEASON with a combined 15 athletes qualifying for Regionals. I also have watch athletes have an incredible season in our Champions Team with Coach Eric! Using the help of our office manager Jen and her staff, we have been able to eliminate as many waitlists as possible to get our athletes in to our recreational classes. New love for our Trophy Meets and Ninja Competitions have given our athletes something to look forward to and TRAIN for! Our Ninja Director, Aubrey, and our Developmental Gymnastics Director , Vichai, have been working incredibly hard for these athletes on a weekly basis. Let's not forget about the throwback dance recital coming up in June! The re-branding of our Dance Program under Jessica has been a phenomenal transition and we are so excited for our dancers! As we flip and tumble into summer with our Trampoline and Tumbling program athletes are moving up to team and our competitive athletes are finishing their season! Coach Jazmyn and Coach Sarah have been working diligently to help our competitive AAU program merge smoothly into our USAG Program and this is incredibly exciting. Over the next few months with our amazing marketing manager and photographer, Amanda, the updates on Suncoast will continue to be sent out via email and social media outlets.

I am so proud of our staff and our directors. I believe we have the absolute best team there is to offer to youth athletics. I thank our staff, our families, and the continuous support of everyone to help Suncoast be the home for athletics like it is today. My goal in the next few weeks, months, and years is to NEVER stop implementing and innovating for our athletes, staff, local businesses, and our Suncoast families.

Brent Gwinn

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