Navigating Through the COVID-19

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

We are working diligently to keep our families updated with not only the status of Suncoast, but also how our Suncoast community is giving back to our athletes during our time away from the gym to provide “homework”, exercises, activities, and more, to make sure they know we are still here rooting for them.

Our first priority here at Suncoast is safety. Our second priority is creating an atmosphere where athletes can go to stay active, build an excellent athletic career, and feel a part of our Suncoast family/community. Understanding this is a difficult time for all of our families and all of our staff, we are doing everything in our power to prepare for our return so we can begin to push forward, continue our sense of community, and help our staff come back to work with their classes and hardworking athletes.

Staying Updated Through Emails and Social Media Outlets

Please, when you have some time, take a look at our social media page on Facebook and Instagram. The information that you can use to find us is below!

Facebook: @suncoastgym @suncoastdanceacademy @suncoastninjaacademy Instagram: @suncoast_gymnastics_academy @suncoasttnt @suncoast_ninja_academy @suncoast_dance_academy

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