Cheer, Stunt, and Tumble!

Here at Suncoast Cheer Academy, we believe in each individual's ability to jump higher, tumble faster, and cheer louder. We aim to give the best, hands on training to each athlete in a controlled, fun, and upbeat setting. Choose from our Fundamental Cheer Program or All Star Prep Cheer to fit your athletes needs best!

FUNdamental Cheer

SCA is turning over a new leaf with exciting and refreshing changes being made in 2018. This recreational program focuses on jumping, tumbling, cheering, and dancing. Every week, we will attempt to master one new skill set out of the 4 different categories. All cheerleaders will have the opportunity to learn new skills and capitalize on the ones they already have.

Uniform will need to be Purchased!

All-Star Prep Cheer

There is a competitive aspect to our cheer program! Feeling interested in showing off your cheerleader’s skills, this is the program for you!!

About our All Star Prep Program!

  • Competitive Prep Team!

  • Low Cost as Competitive Team

  • Minimal Time Commitment

  • Little Travel compared to a

    normal all-star elite team.

Uniform will need to be Purchased!

Check out our brochure:

Mandatory Cheer Uniform

Our Cheer program is built off Team Work and Cheering as ONE.  Creating an atmosphere that our cheerleaders are apart of one uniform team, we require all athletes to have our practice uniform!  This can be purchase on our Suncoast Shop after registration!