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Welcome to SGA Martial Arts! This is the new name for, and continuation of Odessa Martial Arts which has a 12-year history in the area. Come in and try some free classes and see what we are all about. 

Kids Karate-

Ages 5-7

In each 30 minute class, kids learn proper etiquette, bowing and following directions quickly. Students gain...


  • Confidence 

  • Discipline

  • Strength

  • Balance

  • Learn dozens of kicks, blocks, and strikes, and forms.


They block foam bats, jump over obstacles, and strike through boards. At the end of each class, we play a fun game and kids earn a stripe on their belt.

Junior Taekwondo-

Ages 8-13

Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts in the world, possibly because it features more kicks than any other! The Junior Taekwondo program was created for a younger audience but retains all the core values and benefits of Taekwondo, and of course, ALL the kicks! Each class consists of new kicks, strikes, blocks, and techniques for defending and escaping from attackers. Students practice kicks and strikes on foam shields and targets. Beginners work on basics while higher ranking students work on more advanced techniques. All students do...

  • Conditioning

  • Board Breaking

  • Learn Korean words

  • Play fun games.


This is a highly structured program with computerized belt tracking. Each class has a theme which changes daily. Popular themes include Advanced Kicks, Board Breaking, Sparring, and Advanced Self-Defense with Coach Diane, our resident expert in Krav Maga (hand to hand combat). On test day students receive a new belt and certificate and break real wooden boards (all included with your tuition). Come in for a free trial!