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Ages 5+

Introducing our new Suncoast Karate Program! Our program is designed to help students of all ages and skill levels develop their physical mental strength through the practice of martial arts. With experienced instructors and a supportive community, we are committed to helping our achieve their goals and become the best versions themselves. Join us and discover the benefits of Suncoast Karate!

Karate Logo white.png

About Suncoast Karate

Welcome to our Suncoast Karate Program! We are dedicated to providing the highest quality martial arts training to our athletes. Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping students achieve their goals, whether's improving fitness, learning self-defense, or mastering martial arts techniques. Join us and experience the benefits of our program firsthand!

What is Suncoast Karate?

Quarterly Skill Assessments

Suncoast Gymnastics has Quarterly Skill Assessments to ensure your athlete consistently learns new skills and is moved through all the proper levels!​


We pride ourselves on challenging athletes every class with new skills, techniques, and drills to further their knowledge and love for gymnastics.

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